Automate screenshots for Ad Operations

Adwallet is built for Ad Operations, by Ad Operations. We give our clients the solution and support they need to truly automate their screenshots and increase productivity

Save work hours

By automating the process of documenting campaigns, you will be able to save hundreds of work hours every year for you and your team.

Seamless integration

Adwallet is build for Ad Ops and

is easy to setup with a seamless integration to your ad server requiring no custom integration or scripts on your pages 

Customized templates

Have your own template created in either pdf or ppt, so your screenshots are ready to send to sales or your client with the click of a button.


Trusted by leading Publishers

How it works


Connect Adwallet to your ad server and our solution will get all your screenshots 24/7/365 without you having to lift a finger.  Login to your account and select your screenshots from our intuitive user interface which gives you the perfect overview.

Easy setup

We made it easy for Ad Ops to get started. No need to install anything or involving IT and developer resources.

No extra scripts, complicated settings or custom integration to your ad server. Let our systems do the heavy lifting so you can focus on driving better results for your clients.






You are in good hands

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