VICE Media Succes Story

The Ad Operations team at VICE Media in APAC wanted to boost their efficiency by automating
parts of their work process.

By partnering with Adwallet they managed to achieve a significant reduction in time spent every month on taking screenshots to service their agencies and advertisers

The results

ViceMedia Screenshots Example 2
ViceMedia Screenshots Example
Screenshots at all times

Cover all campaigns even during holidays and peak periods on brand safe articles

Screenshots in all formats

Deliver screenshots to all clients for custom formats and devices

Screenshot directly to sales teams

Give the sales team direct access to screenshots bypass Ad Operations

Automating screenshos saves endless time

Save up to 90% of their time on campaign screenshots

Making the change from manually taking screenshots to using the Adwallet platform has greatly reduced the number of hours we spent each month documenting digital campaigns. Before testing Adwallet, screenshots had to be done manually. Now anyone at our organization can get the screenshots they need and they are automatically assembled into our company branded template with a few clicks. We are excited about their solution and how it helps us release time that we may now use on tasks driving more value for our clients.

Micah Greenwood,
Ad Operations & Partnerships Director, Asia Pacific



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