Automating your Programmatic Screenshots

Automating direct and programmatic ad screenshots is what we do. We have built the most sophisticated platform for automating ad screenshots. We have achieved this by introducing two services: A fully automated solution and a bulk upload solution that supports desktop and mobile screenshots for both standard, rich media, video creatives and native.

Once a screenshot is taken, it will be available inside the Adwallet platform to download into your custom company PowerPoint or PDF template or as jpg in a zip folder.

Our fully automated solution integrates directly into the largest DSP's. Once a campaign starts delivering, the Adwallet will visit to the sites within your campaign whitelist and grab all the screenshots.

For any DSP you can utilize our bulk upload solution, where you upload a tag sheet and decide the websites you need screenshots for. Within minutes all screenshots will be available within the platform ready to export.


Export in your company template or by zip file

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Fully automated


Tag sheets or single upload

Semi automated


Saved into the platform

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What are Programmatic Screenshots?

Programmatic ad screenshots are something advertisers ask agencies to provide when they traffic their campaigns. This is a common request around the world and acts as proof of delivery and as an end campaign reporting. It also acts as visual proof of how the ads from the advertiser appear on the internet.

For years – and to this day – this is a practice that is highly manual and performed mostly by far too smart people around the world every single day which also juggles with all sorts of other traffic-related tasks.

Programmatic ad screenshots are important - they build trust and are a cornerstone in customer service. The challenge with them is that they are really hard to capture because they are served through advertising Real-Time Bidding pipelines and via various Demand Side Platforms, like Google DV360, Xandr (formerly Appnexus), and The Trade Desk that buys in real-time and based on cookies. This means they are hard to come by for the person tasked with capturing screenshots. 


At Adwallet we believe there is another smarter and more efficient way. Time and financially wise. That is why we introduced a solution to this challenge.

Seeing automating programmatic ad screenshots with a broader perspective

A lot of Agencies and Publishers we meet focus on the business cost reduction or value-added client benefits of automating their programmatic or direct campaign ad screenshots (also sometimes called screen capture) ensuring their advertisers get the visual verification they demand (and rightfully deserve). 


That makes sense from a financial standpoint. Deciding if a task should be transformed from manual to automated is made simple, if the metric is, what it will do for your business in terms of time reduction -- and thus whether the cost of service is lower than the wage allocated to the task.


While this is definitely a critical part any business should look for when evaluating whether a vendor bringing efficiency should be onboarded, one largely overlooked value is the increased employee satisfaction - or put in another way - the decreased tax on a largely tedious and repetitive task for any human in a professional role.


The power of automating workflows when working in the advertising industry

In today's world and especially in the digital marketing industry, the competition for talent has never been more fierce. Agencies and Publishers struggling with attrition rates are related to a mix of areas. Besides the baseline to even play along which is salary and flexibility, an area that we’ve encountered is whether their employees are able to “do the work they love” or score high on a question to “how often are you able to do work that excites you” which really boosts employee satisfaction. 


As this report from Basis Technology (former Centro) shows, the average industry executive spends roughly 15% of their time performing “low-level” tasks equivalent to 6 hours a week! That is a lot of manual work to fulfill their jobs and one piece is finding ads and taking screenshots of them.

When we form new partnerships with Publishers or Agencies automating their programmatic campaign ad screenshots, one of the things we hear in the early weeks are:

1) How much more efficient they have become now spending time more valuable to their advertiser optimizing campaigns and thinking strategically.

2) How happy their Ad Operations- or Customer Success- and broader sales team are with now not having to deal with screenshots anymore for all of their campaigns and ads.

Think Employees before Advertisers and any ad

Advertisers will demand more from agencies in the future. They will demand quality and quantity – but at the end of the day, you need to deliver to your employees first as they will be the ones that will deliver to your advertisers. 


For every ad that an advertiser requests or requires screenshots for, there is a tax on your employees. Screenshots for campaigns are an integral part of trafficking campaigns and deliver great support - who wouldn’t want to see how their ad or multiple ads are showing on websites they are buying through advertising real-time bidding platforms that are hard to be served unless you are in the target audience?

What we found here at Adwallet, is that there is incredible value for employees in removing friction in the work of providing excellent and superior service related to handling programmatic ad screenshots.


Every job task that is repetitive deserves to be automated and while it needs to be financially viable to automate campaign ads and programmatic ad screenshots, there is a clearly overlooked financial impact that goes beyond the pure cost-reduction calculation tapping deeply into contributing to employee satisfaction.