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Your Ad Operations Team Is Busy! Leave Ad Screenshots To Automation

Ad Screenshots - Still Manual? Isn’t it time for the industry to come up with a better solution?

It’s nearly impossible to accuse ad tech of being behind on automation. In fact, ad tech is now built on algorithms, all designed to maximize yield for buyers and sellers.

Today, every impression has multiple systems evaluating every data point to determine its value. The price is negotiated without human intervention. The creative itself might be dynamically generated to be specific to the individual that will see it. And all of this is done in a fraction of a second.

Yet a key piece is still missing: proof that the creative was actually served where it was supposed to be. It’s at this point that ad tech automation comes to a screeching halt. Brands don’t simply trust that a creative was delivered – they want reassurance that it appeared and rendered effectively, and they want to see how it appears in the context in which it is booked. That’s arguably not too big of an ask when buying ads online, yet that means someone – most likely someone on your direct team – has to manually pull screenshots.

Isn’t it time for the industry to come up with a better solution?

Automating creative confirmation

As ad operations teams work to deliver on short deadlines, navigate campaign changes and manage complex ad products, the pressure on them to move quickly without compromising on customer service has never been higher. But these are also the teams expected to spend time pulling screenshots that confirm creative delivery and placing them in reporting decks after campaigns have ended.

That’s why Adwallet.io has developed a platform that automates direct and programmatic ad screenshots. By connecting to an ad server or programmatic DSP, the platform automatically grabs ad screenshots in their right context and delivers them organized to users, even formatting them into custom PowerPoint templates as needed.

With automated ad screenshots, the people on these fast-paced ad operations teams can dedicate their time to working on higher-level tasks and scaling their premium client service – without compromising on quality or time.

For Adwallet.io users like the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, that means more transparent and complete reporting, which builds trust and loyalty among their advertisers.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette was able to reinvent its ad operations by automating more processes. Adwallet.io’s tools “helped us take back control,” said Benjamin Eisenhardt, digital ad operations manager. “We now have more time and flexibility. Sales reps no longer have to ask – and wait – for a deck with ad screenshots they wish to share with a customer.”

Putting humans to work on what matters most

At its core, automation is about time optimization, adding efficiency to workflows and allowing people to work on more strategic and high-impact tasks. Just think about all the hours we’ve released over the years by adopting tools for many repetitive and structured tasks such as reporting and order management.

In an industry that currently faces a number of big challenges like data privacy concerns, using first-party data and changing consumer habits, you have to ask yourself: Do you want your people assigning time every week to manually pulling and sharing ad screenshots, or have them focus on other high-impact challenges without having to compromise on the premium client service you are known for with advertisers? Then it’s time for you to also review the automation within the field of ad screenshots.

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