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Let Your Sales Teams Take Back Control of Campaign Reporting

Budget cuts and layoffs

You’ve read the news: advertisers are cutting back the media budgets in the face of a recession. Publishers are laying off staff, and agencies are trying to do more with less staff.

With fewer campaigns launching in 2023, publisher and agency sales teams want to exploit every possible competitive advantage to attract advertisers. There’s one advantage that’s within easy reach: superior campaign reporting.

What’s more, and it speaks directly to a top concern among all advertisers because it answers the critical question: were my ad displayed correctly in brand safe environments? 

What’s more, you won’t need to burden your busy AdOps team with additional work. Your sales team can create and deliver them on their own in a matter of minutes.

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Your Competitive: Ad Screenshots Reports for All

All advertisers want to know how their ads appeared in live environments. Did every format render correctly? Did they appear in brand safe placements?

Sales teams are eager to provide their clients with this white-glove level service, as they see it as a way to nurture their contacts and ultimately develop long-term relationships with them. To meet this need, we’ve introduced Direct Ad Screenshots for Publishers and Programmatic Ad Screenshots for Agencies. These two services take screenshots of ad placements automatically once a campaign goes live, and stores them in a folder for that campaign. When ready, the sales rep simply selects which ads to send to the client, and AdWallet does the rest. The platform will format the ad screenshots into a branded report (PDF or PowerPoint) that is client ready.

Ad screenshots have become competitive advantages that sales teams now welcome.  “Eliminating the manual task has given our sales team direct access to ad screenshots, which in turn, allows them to provide instant visualization of their campaigns to their clients (e.g. Your campaign has launched, take a look at how good your ads look),” explained Gareth Roberts, Director, Ad Operations at ADVANCELOCAL. 

An added benefit: when sales teams create and send their clients ad screenshot reports themselves, they ease the burden on their AdOps team. “Now that the sales team can do this work themselves, our AdOps team has more time to dedicate more time on campaign setup and QA work,” said Roberts.

The Real Deal: Not Mockups

There’s another added competitive advantage to AdWallet’s automated ad screenshot reports -- they’re screenshots of ads as they appear in the real world, and not just mockups AdOps teams create to show how the ads “might” look.

The truth is, AdOps teams don’t really have the ability to capture how ad units appear in real life, and so they create mockups, which isn’t what clients actually want. They want proof of delivery, with screenshots of real-life ad placements.

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In the quarters ahead, your sales team will need every competitive advantage possible to attract new business and secure repeat sales. Contact us for a demonstration of AdWallet, and how easy we make it to offer your valued advertisers a premier campaign reporting.

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