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Jonas Harnow

Democratizing Ad Screenshots

Advertisers want to know how their ads appear in the real world.

Did they render correctly? Are the key messages or images noticeable? Does it represent our brand the way we intended?

Now consider that a typical digital campaign contains myriad ad formats -- banner, tower, retargeting, video + companion display ads, interstitial, responsive, to name just a few. 

For busy Ad Ops teams, capturing ad screenshots for every ad format for every campaign is a manual process. Team members need to navigate to an ad unit that’s live, take a screenshot, file that image in a folder, and when ready to send it to a client, assemble all of the screenshots into a report that’s client ready.

If AdOps teams were staffed with hundreds of people who didn’t mind such tedious work, then every advertiser could receive such reports, and rest assured that their brand was represented as anticipated in the real world. But of course, AdOps teams are lean and mean, juggling countless tasks on an hourly basis. Campaign ad screenshots, therefore, is a privileged service for a privileged few.

This reality begs several questions: How can we make ad screenshots available to all advertisers, regardless of the size of their budget? Would advertisers spend more if they had the assurance that their ads appeared correctly? And would brands and media agencies favor publishers that provide ad screenshots as a standard service?

There was only one way to find out: automate the entire process, and ask AdOps teams how their clients respond.

Enter: Ad Screenshot Automation

Adwallet.io opted to automate ad screenshots for both publisher and media agency AdOps teams. To do this we rolled at a platform with two services Direct Screenshots for Publishers, and Programmatic Screenshots for Agencies. 

Once a campaign goes live, Adwallet grabs ad screenshots of all ads, the URL in which they appeared and time stamp automatically. Those ad screenshots are stored in a dedicated campaign folder and waiting for the team member. When the team member is ready to send the report, they just click on the images, and our platform automatically formats them into a fully branded PDF or PowerPoint that’s ready to send to the client.

Ready to Offer Premium Service to Your Clients?

If you’re ready to offer premium service by elevating your post campaign reporting, get in touch and we’ll show you a demo of how it works. Go beyond the ad count, and offer visual proof that their ads appeared in brand safe environments.

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