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Daniel Opler

Ad Ops All Stars: Kamalesh Suresh, Senior Manager of Ad Operations at MediaMint speaks on automation in ad ops

Kamalesh manages a team of 200 people and roughly 25 clients, doing everything from managaing partnerships to ad ops reporting and anyalsis, and backend techincal assitance.

Check out what Kamalesh Suresh, Senior Manager of Ad Operations at MediaMint, thinks about monotonous tasks in Ad Ops and how he ensures that MediaMint and his team of 200 people adds value to their digital marketing service by innovating and avoiding monotonous efforts from their side.

AdWallet.io has automated this process [automating ad screenshots] for majority of the environments, not just for websites or mobile. So they're into everything.I got to know about them [Adwallet.io] recently, and we actually suggested their name to a few of our clients to automate the screenshot process. There are two clear benefits. Firstly, you get technology support to automate the current services that you're managing.Secondly, it'll allow your capacity or your resources to be utilized for the higher level responsibilities rather than having them working on monotonous screenshots. So, I would say AdWallet.io definitely adds value."

Check him out in this podcast: https://www.clean.io/blog/kamalesh-suresh

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