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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette uses Adwallet Automation to transform its campaign post-sale experience.

Pittburgs Post-Gazette Screenshot Example 1
Pittburgs Post-Gazette Screenshot Example

Every year, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette partners with local and national advertisers on hundreds of campaigns - and they strive to make every single one a satisfying experience.


An essential piece of ensuring this experience is the visual documentation of creatives that run on post-gazette.com. As with many other Publishers, the Ad Ops team would deliver this by manually capturing screenshots of the creatives, very often across devices, followed by copying them into presentations. Post-Gazette team members reported this as tedious, repetitive, and time-consuming, taking time away from tasks that would generate value for their partners.


But it doesn’t have to be that way.


The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette previously had all their visual verification and preparation for presentations prepared by an outsourcing company. Today, they partner with Adwallet, a Danish-based screenshot automation solution.


“At the Post-Gazette, we’ve reinvented our Ad Operations. Adwallet’s advanced automation capabilities have helped us take back control. Most importantly, we now have more time and flexibility. Sales reps no longer have to ask - and wait - for a deck they wish to share with a customer.”


By giving every campaign the premium treatment, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette creates opportunities to influence each customer’s future with their brand.


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“Great service is our top priority. Transparent and complete reporting is essential in gaining trust and earning loyalty from our customers. When we provide an exceptional customer experience, we ensure their continued business - and the revenue they generate,” says Benjamin Eisenhardt, Digital Ad Operations Manager for Post-Gazette.


“When we sell a campaign, we’re also selling the best-in-class experience that clients of the Post-Gazette expect. With Adwallet, we’ve virtually eliminated the time a customer has to wait for visual verification. Weekend-only campaigns don’t pose a problem anymore. The system handles Rich Media with the same ease that it handles traditional banner ads. We no longer have to dedicate hours of each work week to finding and producing screenshots. All those hours can now go to campaign optimization and other functions that provide value for our customers.”


With this solution, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is set up to deliver a flawless post-sale experience and is ahead of the game as one of the leading regional publishers in the United States.


“We pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve in the publishing industry’s transition to digital. AdWallet was a no-brainer. It took us less than 5 minutes to setup, with practically no work on our end, and we’ve done it all with reduced cost!”

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