Fully automated screenshots

Adwallet equals automation. When we say automation, we take an approach, that removes your constant bad conscience of worrying about taking screenshots. We automatically fetch the required information on what, when & where and do the job for you.

You will never again have to concern yourself with the thought of, "Did I remember to take screenshots?".


Adwallet got you covered.

Takes screenshots of all formats where they run

Remember that tricky campaign, running a Rich media format only targeted woman interested in sports, and how tricky it was to get the right screenshot. From now on, you won't have to.

Adwallet reads the targeting in your campaign and is able to mimic human behavior in order to get the best screenshots of Display, Rich media, In-app & Video campaigns.

Connects to all your websites

Adwallet locates all the websites or subsites targeted in your campaign and takes screenshots for all devices

website 5.png
website 3.png
website 2.png

Saves all screenshots for

3 months

Once your campaign goes live, Adwallet will take the needed screenshots and saves them for 3 months. Doing so, you can wait to grab them until the end of the campaign, where you are completing your campaign report to your client.


The screenshots is there waiting for you.


Automatically creates reports for you to share with your client

You will never have to struggle with the work of collecting screenshots and adding them to the company powerpoint presentation. Adwallet will use your company template and automatically create your screenshot reports.

All you have to care about is whether you want your report in a Powerpoint, PDF or a ZIP format.

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