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How Ad Screenshots May Contribute To Premium Client Service

Premium service is all about going beyond expectations and delivery consistency in the engagement. Ad screenshots is your way to elevate your partnership with advertisers

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Elements of premium service


Proactivity are more challenging to implement than just a new process. Proactivity is valued by clients because it helps push them forward. While it's easy to say someone is proactive or to be a proactive partner, it's much harder in practice.

Do people working in your company care deeply about their clients and what they do? Do they have a mentality about always looking for how to make things better and smarter?

Clients like to feel that they have partnered with someone who can elevate them and be confident that there are likely no other partner out in the market that can help them better. Proactivity is key to help gain that trust and ensure that the clients feels valued and noticied.

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Creating and Sharing Ad Screenshots

When asking publishers and agencies they report that clients want to see how their ads appear once they are launched. Some of them even use it for invoicing purposes and proof of delivery.

However, today the challenge for them is that these screenshots take up time and resources when done manually and at scale. That hinders them to really go that extra mile for their clients.

Ad Screenshots are seen across many channels, just like if someone advertise on Facebook or Google, they can easily generate previews and share them broadly. ‚ÄčIt does not have to be that way if automation was introduced and features build that, just like it has been for reporting tools, order management and yield management.

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