ACBJ builds a better, modern, dynamic customer experience with Adwallet’s automated campaign screenshot solution

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American City Business Journals (ACBJ) is the largest publisher of metropolitan business newsweeklies in the United States, with 46 business publications across the country. A key part of their success is their unsurpassed service for advertisers. 


For the Client Success department that also means providing visual verification of the campaigns their advertisers place with them - in the form of screenshots. 

Prior to being introduced to Adwallet, ACBJ hired an outsourced ad operations team who was tasked with taking screenshots of display and newsletter campaigns. 


As part of ACBJ’s digital transformation journey, Matthew Pferschy, Director of Ad Operations, and the Client Success Team at ACBJ were always looking for ways to boost operational efficiency, flexibility, and to improve the customer experience. That’s where he discovered the power of Adwallet’s screenshot automation. 

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“We found that Adwallet provided us with an immediate return on investment. The platform been very reliable and stable, and on top of that the solution quickly amplified our existing  workflow by giving better screenshot coverage and reducing human resources dedicated to the task”.                                       
 Matthew Pferschy,                                         Director, Ad Operations                                  ACBJ

This was also a great match for The Business Journal’s plan to implement Adwallet screenshots with AdBookPortal, an industry-first self-serve advertising portal, designed to save time and provide greater transparency and control of ad execution.


“We always had plans for showing the screenshots Adwallet was taking inside the portal. What was great about Adwallet’s offering is that they provide an enterprise-ready, scalable solution which allows us to deploy the screenshots directly via their API into our own environment and connect with AdBookPortal” explains Matthew. 


The success ACBJ has had with Adwallet truly reflects the strong support and belief in a partnership to win.

“Ultimately we will deliver a state-of-the-art solution within a modern, dynamic experience which includes all the relevant information for our Advertisers. Of course, Adwallet screenshots are an essential part of that experience.” says Matthew. 

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