Vision for Adwallet

Adwallet was founded under the belief that Ad Operation is the central role to the succes of digital campaigns. Today, the time of Ad Operations is increasingly scarce and the expectations to deliver has never been higher and delivered in shorter timespan.

This is unacceptable that such a critical and diverse role should be sitting with this repetitive, time consuming and tedious task taking screenshots albeit being an important piece in delivering campaigns and superior service to advertisers.

We envision a world where every screenshot is taken completely in an automated manner, so Ad Operations never have to consider taking another screenshot again which will empower people to work on more value adding tasks in favor for their clients.

We are bringing this solution through our fully automated screenshots platform that integrates seamless with the Publisher's and Advertiser's ad server and in real-time captures screenshots with the desired logic and organizing them in structure manner for Ad Operations to pick in matter of seconds saving up to 95% of the time spend.