Story of Ad Screenshots

Introduction to Ad Screenshots

Within the era that we're living in, most things have developed to a considerable extent. In terms of placing advertisements, for one, there existed a time when people had to resort to only putting their advertisements in the local papers. Afterward, people would read the newspapers and come to know about certain products and services; however, times have changed, and buying ad placements have experienced much more advanced capabilities of delivery options.

The Revolution of Tear-Sheets into Ad Screenshots

With advertising, there's one common obstacle faced by most marketers; that is taking screenshots of ads in action. Long ago, when these advertisements were placed in newspapers, people who put up these ads would often ask their marketers to tear the part of the newspaper where the ad was placed as proof. These torn pages would be kept as proof that the marketers had done their job. 

Ad screenshots are the modern-day tear-sheets and are provided to clients in order to show them that any or all of their ads are in working order. Marketers may need to browse the web looking for the ads they've placed and then take a screenshot of them. However, it is still important to note that these screenshots must only comprise ads that are allocated to be placed by the client, often with various requirements to how it’s presented.

Why it Makes Sense to Automate Them 

Now, although taking ad screenshots direct or programmatic may not be that much of an issue, most people seem to forget or are unable to take precise screenshots. Taking accurate screenshots requires that the screenshots must be taken in such a way that they live up to the client's expectations - such as not conjoined with any other ads and are placed separately. For this reason, most marketers are often left frustrated since taking specific screenshots is often time-consuming and takes a toll on the marketer being a tedious task. 

Furthermore, ad screenshots are likely to be better off as automated because humans are prone to making errors. No matter how talented or efficient an individual may be, they can easily make mistakes. By using automation software, marketers will never be left wondering whether they took a screenshot beforehand or not. In this way, the entire process will not only save up on a ton of time but will also provide the person utilizing the software with all the screenshots that they could ever want. Automation is what the new era upholds. 

Saving Up on Countless Hours of Manual Labor

Today most companies promote efficiency and perfection. This is why doing something which is already a hassle manually makes no sense at all. Automated software is specifically designed to rid their customers of this troubling chore of taking screenshots and is often cost-effective as well. By automating with software, marketers can focus more on what’s actually important and leave their manual, yet repetitive tasks to the automated software. By saving up on time and avoiding tasks of this sort, marketers can focus more on what their customers actually need. Hence, better and more effective campaigns are more likely to be created by marketers. 

What is Adwallet?

In terms of being able to take screenshots automatically, Adwallet is nothing short of a lifesaver. Adwallet acts as an automatic software that lets you take direct and programmatic screenshots without any worries at all. With the usage of Adwallet, you'll always have a clear conscience and will never be left to wonder whether you took a screenshot of a specific ad or not. 

Significance of Adwallet

Now, you may think that taking screenshots of a few ads couldn't be that much of a nuisance, yet the problems keep arising when you are left to take screenshots of multiple ads, say ten to twenty, or maybe even a couple hundred. By taking this into account, Adwallet lets you:

  • Keep track of your screenshots 

  • Formulate multiple versions of screenshots, so you can choose whichever screenshot you deem worthy of your submission. 

  • Export different variants of your screenshots to your custom company template. 

  • Cater to different formats, such as PDF submissions and presentations via PowerPoint.

  • Take it a step further by inserting the intended screenshots directly into your or your clients’ dashboards, using Adwallet’s API. 

For this reason, Adwallet is an optimal helper for any and all marketing campaigns. Adwallet, through its automated service, also allows users to take screenshots in less than a minute, as opposed to spending several hours, or even days. 

Why Can't Customers Live Without it?

The reason for the customer's dependency on Adwallet is due to the following reasons:

  • Takes Screenshots On its Own.

  • Allows You to Choose Your Own Screenshots.

  • Entirely Automated.

  • Saves Screenshots for Months.


In addition, Adwallet caters to Ad-Operation teams from various media companies all around the globe. It has an incredibly simple one-time set-up, indicating that you shouldn’t face any issues, on your part. The entire system is automated leading to the entire process of taking screenshots being simpler than ever. 

Adwallet also has multiple large customers across Publishers and Agencies. Whether you are a publisher with direct bookings or an agency with programmatic screenshots, Adwallet will service all of your automatic-screenshot taking needs.