From manual to semi automatic to fully automatic screenshots


ImmoScout24 is an innovative digital company and the leading platform for residential and commercial real estate in Germany. The company has been successfully bringing together owners, agents, tenants, and buyers for over 20 years. With around 13.8 million unique users per month, ImmoScout24 is the market leader for digital real estate marketing and search in Germany. ImmoScout24 offers reach huge also to third-party companies for advertising.


The mission of the digital marketplace is to make all decisions around real estate as easy as possible and to allow more and more transactions to be processed completely digitally. As such ImmoScout24 is a company that’s constantly improving and adapting to new technologies.


Apart from renting out or selling properties, ImmoScout24 is an effective marketing platform for advertising with a huge consumer audience. Before working with Adwallet, ImmoScout24 had recognized the need to automate their campaign screenshots and was already using another vendor before it came across Adwallet. 

Before 2019, we generated display screenshots manually. After that, we used another tool that was still too time-consuming for us. I was doubtful whether Adwallet could really deliver full automation of our screenshots. But Adwallet proved to be a fantastic support and delivered on that, bringing maximum efficiency to our team

Susanne Seliger,
Head of Ad Operations


Both the Ad operations team and the sales teams already feel the positive impact of now having all their campaign screenshots in their own company-branded templates with just a few clicks. 


For ad operation teams who may have a decent volume of campaign screenshots every month across multiple devices (mobile, display) and environments (native, video) the ability to just log in to a platform like Adwallet and click on the screenshots you want saves hours of repetitive work and helps teams operate more efficiently.

“Instead of having our team spend time on our previous semi-automated solution or before that even worse grabbing the screenshots ourselves. Not only do we reduce our time spent on getting the campaign screenshots, but it’s also an easier experience that optimizes how we work and lastly the clients also have them faster, delivered in a more premium format”, adds Susanne Seliger.

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